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Typical Applications:
Mission critical applications, Utilities management, Oil & Gas distribution
Farming, Marine Industries, Mining, Fleet Management, Security/Surveillance
Renewable Energy Sector.

RipEX was developed for use within mission critical SCADA applications for the Utilities and Oil & Gas industries. However, such is the versatility of RipEX, it is also used in Farming, Marine industries, Mining, Fleet management, Security/Surveillance and the Renewable Energy sector.

RipEX2 has an expansion board which radically extends its usage; GPS for location or precision timing and cellular network connectivity as examples.
Different modes of operation and different protocols allow users to customize their network to match their exact needs, supporting both legacy and the newest RTU’s within the same network. This enables unique solutions, offering optimal data throughput and stability for any application.

About this partner:

RACOM is a modern company with its own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly.

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