Real-Time Middleware for Industrial Automation

Integrate all data into a single, unified set:
Bring all the data from all sources and any protocol, into a single, unified data set. Any selected subset of this aggregated data can be accessed by any client using any supported protocol: OPC UA, OPC Classic, Modbus,
MQTT, DDE, TCP, ODBC, HTTP, XML, and more.

Real-Time Middleware for Industrial Automation

Make real-time, bidirectional connections to OPC UA and classic clients and servers. Connect any SQL database, Modbus slave, Excel spreadsheet, custom programs, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT, Amazon IoT Core, any standard MQTT client or broker, and embedded systems.

Use your data in any number of ways:
Network OPC servers and clients
Do monitoring and supervisory control
Log your data to any SQL database
Connect securely to the Industrial IoT
Trigger actions based on data changes
Run real-time analysis in Excel

About this partner:

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. was incorporated in May, 1995 by a group of engineering and software professionals who recognized a need for robust, flexible tools to solve the wide variety of process control issues not addressed by standard products.

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