415U-E-C wireless ethernet gateway

Condor series long-range high-speed industrial
wireless ethernet for reliable secure connectivity

Exceeding 140 kbps data throughput (25 kHz channel and compression)

Secure data protection with WPA and AES256 encryption

Full Ethernet protocol over the air provides a standards-based flexibility to support future and legacy devices

ProMesh automatic path selection and network formation

Internal Web dashboard for immediate view of local diagnostics

Wireless point-to-point or multipoint I/O and gateway functionality

Modbus TCP and RTU I/O gateway

10 mW to 10 W RF power configurable, license or license-free

Integrated digital I/O for alarms

Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration

Visual indication of wireless link status and quality on front panel

Expandable I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs


Water and wastewater: flows, levels, pumps
Renewables: solar farms, wind turbines, hydro
Irrigation: slew gate controls, levels
Oil and gas networks: gas well production, lift pump
Environmental: storm warning, smoke stacks, filters
Mining infrastructure: conveyor, re-claimer, pumps

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