R-Win suite – Master your deployment and grow! Cut all ties and achieve Integration freedom, cost saving and growth by gradually connecting existing and new assets. 

Solution that frees you up from existing vendor / protocol barriers and allowing you to gradually bring all your assets under a single network with zero lines of code and integration complexities.

We will help you achieve a network of networks!

When designing our solution we have taken our customers biggest pain points into account. We take pride in cutting the unbreakable ties to existing assets / vendors, connecting siloed networks, enabling flexible and robust communication links to the remote sites and provide the desired cyber security protection. We have also taken into account the risk and complication in the migration process and built the product so it would fit in the existing network with minimal to no changes to your existing deployment allowing you to phase in the solution with zero risk.

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Water & Wastewater

Mey Gat

Water Treatment and Sewage Pump stations.
(1) Recycle Water – Fresh installation that included solution from the RTU the SCADA including all element.
(2) Connectivity of existing sewage sites to customer SCADA system also built by AGM.

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Energy & Power

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Oil & Gas

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Mey Tamar

Water treatment for recycled water and pump station to serve agriculture customers.
Built from scratch from RTU to the SCADA control center including complex logic at both the edge and control center

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Eco India

Funneded collaboration between India and the EU
– Connectivity to multiple polution sensors in Arsen
– Remote Data Collection
– Remote connectivity and transmition to Kulkata University for Further analysis
– Result in optimization of water treatement systems

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Cerro Verde

Automation process to obtain copper from its ores. A solution to copper extraction controlling all elements of the process with communication, decision making based logic, remote and control, SCADA.

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