Jordan Valley Water Association

End to End SCADA solution from Remote Terminal units to monitor and control, wireless communication to the SCADA control center. Since 80's with multiple releases


Replacement & upgrade of SCADA/DCS systems


Water supply; Water resource management; Water treatment; Recycle water; Portable water


Jordan valley, Israel

Support & Maintenance

Service, support and maintenance 24/7. More than 25 years of service.

Type of SCADA


Type of Communication

Cellular, RF

Type of RTU / PLC

Unitronics, Schneider, Koyo, Texas instruments, Control Technology, Inc, Siemens

Interface Protocol

Modbus (Serial & IP) ,Texas instruments driver, Ethernet IP, DF1

Why did the customer call us?

The customer required an end to end SCADA solution to control their fresh water operations. Irrigation and drinking water production and distribution.

What was the main problem?

The solution required to address the ongoing operation with a wireless (RF) based connectivity to remote sites. Providing full monitoring, alerting and control capabilities.

  • Dual-link communication (Parallel Communication)
  • High-reliability communication on 2 different medias
  • Communication to Control Center together with Direct communication between sites
  • Developing SCADA monitoring Dashboard
  • High realtime Data Throughputs with over 1000 data point from each site
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What did they Try to Achieve?

End to End SCADA solution that is based on resilient terminal units and highly reliable communication protocol.



Control Centers


R-Win Sold




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