01. Communication hardening and standardization

Data Traffic optimization  •  Vendor and Protocol Agnostic
Resilient distributed network architecture •  Simplify Network Complexities

02. Phased Migration with Zero downtime
03. Code-less deployment
01. Communication hardening and standardization
02. Phased Migration with Zero downtime
03. Code-less deployment

R-WIN Network of Networks

Master your network

Bring all existing and new assets under a single system deployment

Master your deployment!

Increase your control, enhance your communication and gradually grow your system with minimum impact to existing assets

End to End seamless connectivity to wide variety of industry standard protocols PLCs/RTUs and SCADA control centers to allow all your assets under a single system.

Interfaces with wide range of communication devices and eliminates networking complexities (Data Radio, Cellular, RS232, RS485).

Networking Twin - provide multiple communication links that are transparent to the SCADA

Includes the unique state of the art Push by Exception mechanism to provide lean data transfer

Provides a resilient distributed network architecture that eliminates single point of failures common in legacy architectures.


Includes the following architecture:

Edge Devices

Code free Communication Master that fits your existing deployment (without changes)

Operates in extreme environmental condition with very low power consumption

DataHub Software

Allows ongoing communication with the HMI/SCADA.

Consolidates all data collected from R-Win Edge devices and end points and connects to any standard HMI using OPC DA

Defense Suite

Our R-Win Defense Suite includes advanced security features such as:

• On Air data protection
• Replay Attack, anomaly detection
• Port protection, password changes
• Private APN support
• Full Syslog

Trusted by leading government agencies, local municipalities and prominent private companies

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