Irrigation management

AGM is an automation solution provider for Irrigation and other distributed control networking applications.

AGM Irrigation toolbox includes:


  • Water pump & Filtration stations management – control & communication
  • Wireless sensor grid
  • Experience in open canal flow management
  • Water sharing management between several users/clients
  • Water consumption billing
  • Irrigation Computer – scalable system to fit any farming size, any grow, including greenhouses, cotton, plantation & more, suitable for a single farmer and regional coop
  • Flood & leaks alerts
  • Environmental telemetry


Since AGM managers have farming and irrigation background, we really understand irrigation, a knowledge which give us the position to design the best solution for the client, regardless of the traditional “technical applications”  provided in the automation market.


For more details of our projects in the irrigation, farming and rural sector water management please read:


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