Water & WW Solutions

Water & Waste Water solutions include

  • Drinking water supply management

  • Irrigation water supply management

  • Waste-Water systems management

  • Water and Waste Water billing

  • Water management applications development

  • Users training & maintenance


Project description - the Jordan Valley

Case Story - English

Case Story - Hebrew

Small waste water network upgradeannouncement

Small waste water network upgradeuser case story

Due to the growing needs and the continuous drying out of water resources in the Middle East, AGM is now involved in crucial water management and development projects, such as:

Project Main Benefit
Waste-Water Treatment 70% of Waste-Water reused in irrigation
Desalination of Secondary Water Resources – communication & control A new unused resource
Water Resource Sharing with Jordan Peaceful relations between the nations
Development of Water Management Systems Better prepared for future water conditions
Differential Tariff Billing System Rapid ROI of upgrade project


AGM serve as preferred outsource communication & control solutions provider for water companies, farming coops, municipalities and others.