Mekorot – Mekorot is Israel’s national water & waste-water utility company.  Mekorot is one of the world’s most technologically advanced water companies.

  In order to monitor and protect the Israeli National Water Carrier from sewage contamination, A.G.M installed wireless communication system along the National Water Carrier, monitoring and alerting for any risk.           

Total S.A – Total S.A. is a French multinational oil company and one of the biggest oil companies in the world.      

AGM installed Oil Leaking Detectors System in 26 oil & gas storing facilities in France.When a leak is detected by the specialty sensor, AGM’s system alerts the control center and the parties involved by several means of communication. 



 JVWA   Established in 1978, The Jordan Valley Water Association (JVWA) is a unique cooperative that produces and manages water and waste-water services. It manages the availability and quality of all water products, from pumping stations on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, to the last irrigation drip and most remote home.       JVWA has outsourced its communication & control responsibilities to AGM since 1996.
     Paz – Paz is Israel’s leading oil refining and marketing energy corporation.        AGM was called to design, install & maintain a wireless communication system for the real-time control of four remote stations with special safety characteristics.AGM added value in this project is PAZ teams safety and manpower savings.





 Mey-Gat – Owned by 14 villages (moshavs and kibbutzes) in the Lower Galilee, Mey-Gat water coop is responsible for the supply, distribution and maintenance of drinking and irrigation water in the lower Galilee region in Israel.       

A.G.M installed and maintains the water control & communication systems in Mey-Gat to manage 11 water pumping and sewage stations spread along the pipelines, 6 reservoirs and 2 wastewater treatment facilities, communicating data produced and gathered by sensors and PLCs to the control center, using diverse wireless technologies.