AGM is a provider of smart Communication & Control solutions for SCADA and DCS systems, with 30 years of experience in the area of Water /Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Energy and Environmental real-time monitoring and control.

AGM solutions are designed for Distributed Control Networking projects and for upgrading and optimizing existing old systems in smart and economical ways, by using available local equipment with AGM’s original R-Win networking manager.


2015 highlights;
  • Due to world economy crisis, AGM developed expertise in Upgrade and Optimization Projects for distributed control management systems, using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) approach and products for municipal and private utilities.
  • Addressing communication redundancy issue and distributed control systems resilience, AGM developed  R-Win (Wireless-Internet Networking) to answer these critical clients needs.  The innovative, compact, rugged device manage data communication over Radio AND Cellular, featuring Wireless MESH Networking     
AGM have projects in Israel, Peru, Paraguay, France, Cyprus & former USSR. Striving for business partners abroad, AGM is looking for Solution Providers & SCADA Integrators, ready to add AGM knowledge to their solutions and projects.In our experience, distance was not an obstacle.